Matter Better Award | Post War Housing Syria | Competition


Syria | Post War Housing

Auftraggeber M. Knab + L.Fertig
Leistung — Entwurf | Visualisierung
— Mai 2017


Honorable Mention – El Pati
631440 / Lukas Fertig, Matthias Knab / Spain and Germany
Jury Comment:

Interesting idea. Not really facing the issue of the ruin or try to adapt to the tradition. Although the artefact has a powerful architectural language and an interesting concept. One of the few groups addressing sustainability in a clear and effective presentation.- Riccardo Luca Conti

It is interesting the idea of a block with patio able to open and close to the outside, allocating both public and private uses. This provides a solution to the need for security through a versatile block capable of subsisting isolated or generating interesting urban patterns. – Urko Sánchez

The proposal stands out of its simplicity. From the outside an austere volume opens to the city only on demand, this is contrasted with its interior that incorporates porosity, shadows, greenery and social interaction. Its urban qualities allow the use of ground floor for multiple uses for both the city or the block itself. Growth seems possible without damaging the urban qualities to a certain height. The architecture also reflects a coherent concern for environmental challenges and thus its outer skin is solved in a way that diminishes overheating of the exterior envelope. Although the scale of the proposal seems flexible enough to be implemented in a fragmented scale it is difficult to forecast how this scheme could perform in an urban scale where several of its units are repeated. In such scenario it might prove too harsh the minimum interaction with the outside world through its hermetic facades. Regarding privacy, it is not clear whether the scheme solves this issue with its gallery corridors next to living areas. – Felix Madrazo


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